Mark Renner - Few Traces (2xLP)

Mark Renner - Few Traces (2xLP)

Thank you RVNG Intl. for this incredible donation and support!

Title: Mark Renner - Few Traces

Label: RVNG Intl.

Catalog: RERVNG 11

Year: 2018


Side A

1. Riverside

2. Saints and Sages

3. Few Traces

4. Half A Heart

5. Princes Street

Side B

1. The Mirror At Saint Andrews

2. The Wild House

3. The Dyer's Hand

4. A Fountain In The Cloister

5. James Cowie (The Portrait Group)

6. Autumn Calls You By Name

Side C

1. Ageless

2. Jars of Clay

3. More Or Less

4. The Eternal Purpose

5. The Sun In His Head, A Storm In His Heart

Side D

1. The Man & The Echo

2. As Big As Trees

3. Yeats, and the Golden Dawn

4. It Might Have Been

5. Wounds